10 Facts You must know about Tattoos

So, you want to get a tattoo on your body and decided look for more details before you do the tattooing. Many people have no idea how tattoos are done and what are the safety precautions to be taken to avoid tattoo infections. Here is a list of things you must know before you get a tattoo.

  • Tattoos are done by injecting special tattoo ink through into the skin. The artist accomplishes this by means of equipment called tattoo gun. The tattoo gun or tattoo machine has a needle that moves up and down, injecting the ink into the skin several times in a minute. The needle in the gun punctures the skin and deposits a small drop of ink with each time it penetrates the skin. Now, don’t get scared by these facts. Tattooing is not that painful.
  • The main parts of a tattoo machine are, the sterilized needle, tube system, electric motor, and foot pedal. The foot pedal is particularly important to the tattoo machine, as it controls the perpendicular movement that the needle will make. The best tattoo machines in the market are equipped with fine control of the needle to get the correct penetration of tattoo needles.
  • The most common worry concerning tattoos is the tattoo infections. As you know, Tattoos are created by injecting ink through into the skin. With penetrated wounds, there is always a risk of infection and disease. Because of these risks, Tattoo artists always need to disinfected equipment to make sure they are germfree and proper hygiene to ensure safety for themselves and you, the person who is receiving the tattoo.
  • To stay away from the threat of infectivity, nearly all tattoo supplies such as tattoo ink, ink cups, needles, and gloves must be used only once. Especially the tattoo Needles should never be used twice, as this can lead to tattoo infection.
  • Prior to tattooing the tattoo artist must clean his hands and they should also clean and disinfect tattooing room with the suitable disinfectants. Tattoo artist normally explains this to their customers.
  • After ensuring the hygiene of their work place and themselves, the artist will get ready with tattoo supplies and tattoo equipment from the sterile boxes. Then the artist will proceed shave the area for the tattoo and cleanse it with water and soap.
  • Throughout the process the tattoo artist will clean the tattoo to have a clear view as well as to keep it clean. Once the tattooing is completed, the artist will apply a cream on the tattoo to avoid any sort of tattoo infection.
  • Is tattooing painful? Well it depends upon several factors like the location of the tattoo size of the tattoo and the experience of the tattoo artist and of course your tolerance to pain. Some people can’t bear even the slightest pain caused by an injection needle while others may not even feel it. If you are unsure, then try to avoid getting tattoos at highly sensitive areas of your body.
  • Before you leave the place ask the tattoo artists for any sorts of doubts you have. Make sure that you get a detailed explanation about tattoo care and safety tips to avoid tattoo infections.
  • Once you are at home, make sure that you always follow those instructions. The new tattoo may be sore for couple of days. But you will be fine within few days. Taking care of your new tattoo is very essential to avoid risk of infection.

Now, be proud of your new tattoo. Enjoy the feeling!

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