Best Tattoo Design Sites

This is a collection of the best tattoo sites I came across. These sites are not the typical tattoo sites with few designs and lot of advertisements. Infact all these sites contains hundreds and thousands of tattoo designs, tattoo products and related information. Many of them are membership sites. So you will be able to meet other tattoo lovers and Artists who share similar interests.

Tattoo Me Now
Tattoo Website

This site got gorgeous tattoo designs and their collection of tattoos is huge. You will find a tatoo in every category you can think of.

Chopper Tattoos

*Edit: This site is offline.
They claim that they are the number one tattoo site on internet. I am not sure about that. But I love their sites and their tattoo designs.

Miami Ink

This website has over 25,000 tattoo designs categorized in over 60 different categories. So you can find the tattoo easily without going through the huge collection of tattoos. They also have 165 tattoo fonts for you to ink your favorite letters or words. The tattoo video library is a nice bonus.

Print My Tattoo

Tattoo Gallery
This website has more than 7500 tattoo designs. They claim all their designs are unique. But after browsing through their large tattoo gallery, I won’t say that they are all unique tattoos. But they do have very big collection of tattoos. They also have a collection of celebrity tattoos and their forum is useful if you have some questions about getting your tattoo.

Tattoo Fever
*Edit: This site is no longer available.
Are you not sure which tattoo design suit the best for you? Don’t worry. The tattoo idea site will help you choose the right one for you.

Tattoo my Brain
Tattoo Artist Dean reveals his unique secret tattoos collection on this website. Remember my post about Dean’s tattoo collection named Artist reveals Tattoo Designs? This is the same guy.

Find your Tattoos
*Edit: This site is no longer available.
This one of the original tattoo sites with around 550 designs. Everything is neatly categorized and arranged. You will also get a free EBook with lots of information tattoos including the aftercare and removal.

Largest Collection of Tattoos
These guys claim to have the largest collection of tattoos and they also give the tattoo handbook for free. Got Ink is the most popular tattoo ebook online with all the information on tattoos including getting a tattoo, sanitation and care for your tattoo.

Japanese Tattoos Kanji Symbols
This site is probably the largest site with Japanese kanji symbol tattoos. If you are a fan of Japanese tattoos, then you definitely want to see this site.

Your name in Japanese
Want a tattoo which says your name in Japanese. See this site. I am not a big fan of Japanese tattoos. But, you might be interested. So, check it out.

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